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Animal Surgery Simulator


In Animal Surgery Simulator, these little patients need love and care to get well. The city animal hospital needs a pet vet doctor and dentist to treat baby animals cat, dog, rabbit and raccoon. Fix their knee, nose, foot and stomach. Call the nurse to help you clean infected areas, cure tummy ache, fight germs and fix bones. Enjoy doctor casual games for kids. Surgery Simulator games are good for children, toddlers, preschool kids, girls and boys. Save lives of these pet animals by performing surgery simulation. Take them to the operation theatre, become a pet vet surgeon to give them proper treatment. Animal Surgery Simulator is here with an ultimate crazy animal doctor, a fun game for kids. It’s a real surgery simulator game with new and improved pet animal doctor treatments and surgeries. Save your patient’s life with crazy surgeries. Operate now!There is an emergency at the city animal hospital. Call the animal pet vet surgeon to the hospital for emergency operation. Prepare the operation theater before the ambulance arrives. The ambulance doctor has already noted down the symptoms and history of the patient. There is a sick cat that has a major knee injury. It met an accident, which broke its leg knee bone. It has gone through a heart surgery before. Keep monitoring the blood pressure with the bp apparatus and check fever with a thermometer. The other ambulance has brought a dog patient who needs an urgent care for his broken nose bone. It has a history of kidney transplant and face plastic surgery. So be careful while performing the surgery simulator treatment. Here comes another emergency patient rabbit. Take it urgently to the Xray machine to see where the bone has been fractured. Stitch the cuts and wounds on the skin after fixing its bones. Hurry Up! Once you are done with the treatment of the bunny, there is a raccoon waiting to get treated. It has a severe tummy ache. Be careful; do not damage its intestines, liver and kidney while doing the operation.Animal Surgery Simulator features:√ Take care of Cats, Dogs, Rabbits and Raccoons√ Treat Knee, nose, foot & stomach√ Use oxygen mask, scissor, camera, scalpel, injection simulator, tweezers, stethoscope, bp apparatus, cotton and xray machine to perform surgery simulator treatment on kitten, puppies, bunnies and raccoons√ Fix broken knee bone, nose bone or feet bones√ Clean stomach√ Feed the little animals with food and medication for quick recovery√ Get feedback from your patients gone through operation at city animal hospital